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WebTorrent technology will speed up your web pages

The eternal problem of companies operating on the Internet is the bandwidth of the link, which determines the functionality of their services. Nowadays, a central server is required, from which data is downloaded, and how many people can use it depends on the capacity of the link, which has its limitations. WebTorrent technology may, however, change that.

If we have a website on our site, we need to take care of the high speed links to the server hosting the files, as it depends on the number of visitors who can visit it, and also the speed of its operation. Meanwhile, the amount of data sent on the network grows from year to year, so links are easily clogged, which results in less comfortable use of such a site.

This problem can be remedied by the WebTorrent technology developed by Ferossa Aboukhadijeha, a Stanford University student who combined the Bittorent model with the standard browser. Instead of a central server hosting all the files delivered to the visitors, the visitor downloads a fragment of it. Users are not connected to only one server, but a whole network of computers belonging to different people, which greatly accelerates the operation of such a site, and no longer has a problem with heavy load on the site.

WebTorrent technology can be very useful especially for companies that stream large amounts of data, such as Netflix. In their case peak hours cause heavy strain on the lines and decrease in the quality of services provided. With WebTorrent, there is no such problem, as the file is being downloaded simultaneously from a large number of sources, and the service works the faster, the more people are connected to it.

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Apple accused of illegal distribution of the film

Apple is not in China easy life, because at any moment the market may be closed for him because of an official’s view. And this is not a very unlikely scenario, as another example is the lawsuit against the American giant, accused this time of illegal distribution of the film.

China is the second largest market for Apple products, so the American concern has to work there with extreme caution so as not to harm some unintended movement. Still, the company does not have an easy life there, because some time ago the government-run State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television Authority, blocking early access to the iBook Store and iTunes, It was decided that they hurt local businesses.

Now the same body is demanding compensation from Apple for $ 7,500 for allegedly illegal distribution of one of the Chinese films. As a result of the alleged operation of the concern, its distributor has suffered enormous losses and is now demanding to cover them.

It is a 1994 patriotic film titled “Xuebo Dixiao”, which tells the story of a Chinese doctor wishing to open his own hospital, but in the pursuit of this goal disturb the Japanese army. Although the picture has long been available online for free, however, the agency believes that Apple has infringed distribution laws and is trying to justify it in a very twisted manner.

Now in the App Store is available the Youku HD application, which provides access to Yoku, the Chinese equivalent of YouTube, one of the largest sites of this type in China. The video was posted there, and since the app available at Apple Store is free to view, SAPPRFT believes that the Cupertino company is responsible for it and should be punished.

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Cultured ZX Spectrum returns

Many today’s players probably did not even hear it, but the 1982 ZX Spectrum was one of the first home computers to provide very primitive entertainment. Now this iconic device returns as Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega is a new version of a popular computer more than 30 years ago. The device has been significantly reduced, working with modern television receivers, and its functionality has been reduced. In essence, they are limited to games only, because Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega is a kind of console that will install about a thousand titles ever released on the original ZX Spectrum.

The creators of Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega have just launched their campaign on the -zx-spectrum-vega # home platform Indiegogo, thus collecting funds to start production. This goes well, as the campaign started just yesterday, and has already accumulated 86,000 pounds (a total of £ 100,000), so it can be assumed that this week will manage to raise the required amount. Some of the money collected will be donated to charity for a children’s hospital.

Device designers have a fully functional prototype and are now just waiting for funds to start mass production. The finished product will go on sale in April next year. The first 1000 people who pays £ 100 will receive a special limited edition new device.

Thousands of games are quite a lot, though it is worth mentioning that there is only a small part of the production that was created on the ZX Spectrum, as there were over 24,000 total.

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Nokia N1 in the UK and Ireland

The Nokia N1 was not until recently available in Asia. Fortunately, the device will be officially launched in the UK and Ireland in a few weeks, where it will be available through the online shop NokiaShop UK for 219 pounds.

In just a few weeks, UK and Ireland residents will be able to see what the latest Nokia product is available for sale after several years of absence from the mobile device industry. In the mentioned countries will soon be available for the new tablet Nokia Finnish company Nokia N1, which will be distributed by NokiaShop UK.

The device, created by Foxonna, available only in China and Taiwan, costs 219 pounds. The tablet is equipped with a 7.9-inch touch screen with IPS mats, protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and displays images at 1536 x 2048 pixels at 324 PPI pixel density. It also has a quad-core Intel Atom processor, the Atom Z3580, clocked at 2.3 GHz with a PowerVR G6430 graphics unit with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory. In the case of the tablet we will find two more cameras: rear with 8 megapixel camera and autofocus, which records movies in 1080p, and front with 5 megapixel camera.

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Become a NASA Habitat Designer

The American space agency wants to send a man to Mars in the near future. But before that happens, you need to design a habitat in which astronauts live. NASA has organized a competition called 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, which aims to select the best design of such a cosmic home.

The purpose of the competition is to develop a concept that would send machines to a distant planet and then use it to build shelters for astronauts who will be arriving there in time.

The 3D Printed Habitat Challenge is divided into several stages, while the first phase of the contest involves a project of such shelter and here contestants compete for $ 50,000. The second phase is already much more interesting and needs to develop a way to produce the individual components, from which the entire habitat will be formed.

Here winners are waiting for two awards of $ 1.1 million each, but the challenge is not easy, because the raw materials are locally produced. In short, it’s about building a habitat out of the resources available on the planet, since it’s impossible to deliver them from Earth.

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Modern bicycle navigation

Cyclists moving their two-wheelers increasingly use navigation systems to guide them. There are indeed many GPS navigation models for these vehicles, but there will always be a market place for the next. Especially like SmartHalo.

By moving the bike in a big city, the voice guidance provided by our GPS navigation is poorly heard. Designers of the device called SmartHalo, having designed their invention, decided to modify the way they were presented to be more readable.

The basis of the system is a wireless module installed on the bike wheel that connects to our smartphone. The device works with Google Maps or Waze and guides you to your destination using visual cues. However, there is no LCD screen displaying the map with the highlighted position of the cyclist and arrows telling where to turn. Instead, the upper part of the module incorporates colorful LEDs, which, by highlighting a specific part of the ring, inform the user in what direction he should go.

An additional advantage of this navigation system is also the GPS locator, which will be useful in case the bike has been stolen. Then it will be easy to find him. In addition, the system measures the travel time, distance traveled, and the number of calories burned, so it can also be used for training.

CycleLabs, responsible for SmartHalo, has already collected money on Kickstarter to start production of the device, and its release is scheduled for March next year. The product costs $ 149.

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“In Volvo cars no one will die”

The Swedish company Volvo has been considered the safest market in the market for years and with a whole range of different safety systems, the driver and passenger have a far greater chance of survival than other brands. Group bosses are not enough, however, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever die in their vehicles.

Lexus Kerssemakers, CEO of Volvo Cars North America, said in a media interview praising the skills and ideas of Swedish engineers. He also assured everyone that by 2020 Volvo vehicles will become so safe that no passenger will die, nor serious injuries to his life.

Of course, the Kerssemakers were primarily concerned with the development of autonomic auto- mate technology, which Volvo is also working on. Vehicles driven by powerful computing power will provide passengers with greater levels of safety, better road safety and traffic safety.

At the same time, the Swedish company intends to continue to develop passenger safety systems that will operate in the background, monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and, when they sense the imminent danger, will take specific steps to minimize the impact of the collision.

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LG G4 with fingerprint scanner

LG Electronics’ management has until recently been convinced that the Knock Code system is sufficient to protect smartphones from unauthorized access and that they have not seen the need to equip their devices with biometric technology. However, the rapid development of mobile payment systems, launched by Apple and announced by Samsung and Google, prompted the board to change position.

LG has just confirmed that the upcoming LG G4 is going to install a fingerprint reader. Unlike Apple and Samsung, the sensor will not, however, be built into the Home button but will appear on the back panel. This will save the screen’s current proportions to the enclosure.

Changing your company’s position to biometric technology, done practically at the last minute, is not accidental. At the beginning of this week, Cho Juno, director of LG Mobile, suggested that his employer wanted to enter the mobile payment market and was looking for a suitable partner to provide the right technology. Such payment systems typically require biometric authentication, so installing such a smartphone reader is a logical step.

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EPItect will detect the onset of epilepsy

The problems encountered by epilepsy patients, especially when an unexpected seizure occurs, are fully understood only by them. Help would be a tool to detect the impending attack so that the sick person can properly prepare for it.

The device is called EPItect and was developed by a team of epileptologists from Bonn University Hospital. The prototype device may be worn by the patient in a similar way as a typical hearing aid, and his task is to monitor the body for an impending epileptic attack.

When the sensor detects, the smartphone transmits information to the central computer via a smartphone to verify the data and confirm the truth. Then a warning is sent to the patient or caregivers, allowing them to take appropriate steps to prepare the patient. This is quite important as epileptic patients often go through very violent attacks, which can cause injury.

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Do not be fooled!

The madness of Christmas shopping is slowing down. Shops have festive decorations, and more and more people are buying gifts online so that all arrive on time. Unfortunately, the pre-Christmas period is also the time of harvest for cybercriminals.

Lots of people buy online gifts, often looking for promotions and special offers. Such shopping confusion is a real paradise for cybercriminals and internet crooks, so it’s worth the wait. This is a cyberbreath pre-holiday guide prepared by Kaspersky Lab experts.

Danger? What threat?

Attackers have at their disposal a whole arsenal of tools that can infect computers and take control of them or encrypt user data, and demand a ransom for access. Do not forget the cumbersome and dangerous spam and phishing attacks that allow cybercriminals to take over user login information for various online services, steal your identity, and ultimately even money from bank accounts.


– Remember phishing links – Do not click on random links received in e-mail, SMS, social networking or instant messengers.

– Create strong passwords – combine letters, numbers and special characters to make it harder to break them.

– Buy on secure sites – before you pay by card in the online store, read the opinions of the company behind it.

– Avoid buying using public Wi-Fi networks – criminals like to bust on unprotected public networks looking for credentials.

– Disable Bluetooth, use cellular network – so your smartphone’s network connection will be much safer.

– Block suspicious free applications – such programs may contain unwanted “freebies”.

– Watch out for fake messages requesting shipping confirmation – they can be the bait of cybercriminals who count on a quick click of a link.

In addition to the tips mentioned, it’s also worth remembering the basic principle of online shopping and more – if something is too good to be true, it probably is not.